Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Tuesday 17th April 2018

Warm and sunny day.
Hospital appointments today, nothing to worry about, just follow ups.
Hopefully tomorrow I can spend a little time in the garden working on the project decking.

Monday 16th April 2018

Warm and sunny most of the day.
A day catching up after the holiday, shopping, unpacking cases and checking out thousands of SD images. 5933 trail camera images and 807 holiday images, no great surprises with garden wildlife. A pair of hedgehogs are still romancing and the one fox which is a female was out every night.
Will be a couple of days I think before I am back to normal blogging, have hospital appointments and a day out in Kent during this week.

Sunday 15th April 2018

A very warm day again turning hot by this afternoon.
After breakfast it was a final goodbye as we departed by coach to the city of Bruges giving us plenty of time to explore the canals, cobbled streets, chocolate and lace shops. A stunning city and again as weather so good the city was buzzing with tourists. I fell in love with Bruges, will return someday I think. Stopped for a coffee and fruit waffle before boarding the coach for the 90 minute drive to to Calais and the real world.

Images 1 - 11 - Bruges.
     "            12 - The real world.

Saturday 14th April 2018

A very warm day turning hot this afternoon. A little breezy if lounging on the deck.
A full day of cruising leaving Rotterdam at 4.30 am sailing through the Holland's Dieps to the Kreekak and Volkerak locks before crossing the border into Belgium. By early this afternoon we reached the city of Antwerp where we enjoyed some sightseeing. Antwerp was buzzing as was such a beautiful day. Did visit the Cathedral and a few of the side streets but everywhere was just so busy it was a pleasure actually to be back on board the cruiser!
Was the final night on board and the superb crew entertained us to a show after dinner. A brilliant finish to a brilliant cruise.

Images 1 & 2 - View from our apartment in Rotterdam.
     "      3 - 13 - Cruise along the Holland's Dieps.
     "    14 - 20 - Antwerp.
     "           21 - Showtime.

Friday 13th April 2018

A very warm but breezy day, in fact rather hot this afternoon.
This morning we cruised towards Utrecht with morning coffee and lunch served on board. From Utrecht we travelled by coach to the world famous Keukenhof Gardens near Lisse. The gardens were created as a showpiece for the Dutch flower industry and features millions of colourful flowers. Did not see any butterflies but the gardens were swarming with bees.
Can't deny the gardens were stunning but I preferred the streams, rivers and more natural areas of the gardens.
After this visit it was a drive to the cruiser now moored in Rotterdam.

Images 1 - 12 - Cruise from Amsterdam to Utrecht.
     "    13 - 24 - Keukenhof gardens.